Full Hands Full Heart Sweatshirt

Full Hands Full Heart Sweatshirt



This sweat-tee (a hybrid between a long sleeve tee and a sweatshirt) is ADORABLE! It's an ultra thin sweatshirt with slits on the side that makes it not tight on the bum! Perfect for those Target runs, cozy weekends with your kiddos, or when you want to snuggle up with a good book (after your kids go to bed...haha)

  • fits true to size, I'm in a medium but can also wear a large it just depends on if you want this to fit oversized or fit more “dressy” and fitted—IF you’d like a more relaxed/oversized fit I would size up one size. 
  • Anvil brand 
  • this falls between a sweatshirt and long sleeve shirt in regards to thickness. Thicker than a long sleeve top, thinner than a sweatshirt. We LOVE it!