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Funk Off Skunk Shampoo

If you are buying this shampoo, you and your pet are having a really bad day. Let our Funk Off Skunk recovery shampoo get your furry friend smelling great, and your day back on track. Funk Off! works to eliminate those skunk, funky orders so you can get your cuddle buddy back! 

For maximum effectiveness follow-up shampoo with spritz me fresh and treat household surfaces with Sh*t Storm Rescue. 

Directions: Pour a line of shampoo down the back to fate pet's coat, using room temperature water, wet the coat, massaging shampoo across the body, moving down all the way to the paws. Be sure to allow shampoo to be fully massaged under legs and belly. Once fully shampooed allow shampoo to remain on the coat for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with water and towel dry. 

Ingredients: water, sodium alpha olefin, sulfonate, cocamidopropyl Betaine, coconut oil, sodium gluconate, glycerin, table salt, citric acid, odor eliminating fragrance oils

Warning: avoid direct contact with eyes and inner ears.