Bamboo & Mint Quickie Wipes

Bamboo & Mint Quickie Wipes


Instant head to paw tidy up! 

Tidy up your best buddy super fast with our convenient quickie wipes! Infused with natural cleaning oils and coconut extract. These wipes provide a waterless bath on the go. Wipes are made using a thick, absorbent cloth to provide an all over clean with just one wipe. Muddy paws and dirty faces have met their match.

Directions: Apply directly to pet's coat to achieve a clean smell, soft coat, and a spiffy appearance. Your bestie is ready to impress on their next trip to the dog park!

Ingredients: water, tween 20, glycerin, natural fragrance oils

  • 30 sheets
  • bamboo and mint scented

WARNING: As pet's ears are very sensitive, avoid over-wetting ear canal. If ears are over wettened, dry with a clean cloth.