Magnolia-Sheila Glathar

Traci Carpenter

Posted on June 04 2018

Magnolia-Sheila Glathar
Sheila was only 38 years old when she found a lump in her breast.  After a mammogram and ultrasound confirmed 2 suspicious masses, a biopsy was performed on each area.  The results came back as invasive ductal carcinoma in situ, HER2 positive, an aggressive form of cancer that tends to grow and spread faster than other breast cancers.  After meeting with an oncologist, a plan was put in place that included a surgical port, 6 rounds of chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy this summer.

The unpredictable side effects of chemotherapy became too much for Sheila to stay working as a home health therapist.  She made the difficult decision to take a leave from her job to focus on treatment and recovery. Throughout this journey, Sheila has maintained a positive attitude and relied heavily on her faith to get her through each day.  Her husband Greg and young daughter Kortlyn are her biggest supporters and are her motivation to fight for a full recovery.

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