Magnolia-Kristen Groves

Traci Carpenter

Posted on November 15 2018

Magnolia-Kristen Groves
Meet Kristen Groves

It all started in May, when Kristen noticed herself getting dizzy over the smallest movements. It turned into a constant dizzy feeling that would stay there 24/7. She finally went to the doctor, they took her blood work, and everything looked good.

She did some physical therapy to see if that would help. She continued to stay dizzy with nothing helping. Kristen ended up blacking out at work one day, she had trouble hearing, seeing, and the numbness all over her body was intense for hours. She went to the ER, and they thought maybe she was dehydrated. After that visit, her symptoms started to get worse daily. She was noticing blurry vision, nystagmus, brain zaps, vertigo, and numbness in her face, arms and knees. She was also dealing with weakness in her legs. She landed in the ER again at the end of August because she got so weak that she couldn’t walk and her speech was delayed. They took a MRI that showed lesions on her brain—which is a sign of Muscle Sclerosis. Kristen had to take a month off of work to gain back her strength.

Kristen is finally feeling a little better, so the doctors think she had an “attack” of some sort. She has been going to the neurologist ever since, and she's had plenty of tests that include a second MRI, spinal tap, and nerve study. Kristen is still not diagnosed with anything, and they are wanting to refer her off to the Mayo Clinic—which she just found out that her insurance company will not cover.

Kristen and her family are in the process of deciding what the next best move for her is. She's thankful that she has been feeling better, and she's still able to work and be a hands on mom to her little boy.

Please keep Kristen in your prayers. We are sending her good vibes of strength and courage throughout this trying time. 

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