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In Loving Memory of Teresa Dodd

April 16, 2018

In Loving Memory of Teresa Dodd

Teresa is an amazing mother to four daughters and grandma to five grandkids. She was born and raised in Nemaha County and chose to keep that as her home. She has always worked in healthcare at the local hospital and nursing homes. Teresa is a very generous and caring person and has used her healthcare knowledge to help many people, including her husband who passed away from cancer in January 2013.

In October of 2017, Teresa was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and began receiving treatments right away. She received three rounds of chemo before having a scan to see the progress. Right before Christmas she unfortunately found out that there had been no improvement. The scan noted that there were spots on her pancreas. She was told that her original cancer had been misdiagnosed and that she actually had pancreatic cancer that had also spread to some of her lymph nodes. She is currently receiving chemo treatments in Topeka every two weeks with a scan scheduled after she has completed six rounds.

Teresa has a loving community and family by her side during this journey. She adores spending time with her grandkids and spoiling them as much as she can! She is currently loving the planning process of her youngest daughters wedding that is coming up in July. Teresa is a true blessing to everyone that she meets and she makes the world a better place.